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Whoever said size doesn’t matter probably lives under the rock. For many years we as members of the human race have always gravitated towards bigger, fuller and larger sizes.

We get tired of smaller cars and opt for bigger ones. We get frustrated with smaller houses, and we go for bigger ones.

Interestingly, it is not only material possessions that we want in bigger sizes, but we also love our body parts to be larger, fuller, and bigger.

This craze for big sizes is responsible for the copious consumption of steroids, the mad rush for cosmetic surgeries and the use of substances; chemical or natural that can be used to boost the growth or increase the size of all or parts of our bodies.

There is a part of the human body that is more beautiful when it is in large proportions. This part of the body is the eyelash.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyelashes are the window panes, and it is no news that every homeowner loves beautiful window panes.

Most women love long and luscious eyelashes, but it is only a few of them that have the lashes they love.

This desire to have long and beautiful lashes has led a lot of ladies and a few gentlemen to try out different surgical procedures, which are either too expensive or sometimes ineffective.

Interestingly there is a solution that is known to be cheaper, more reliable, and easy to use. This solution is known as the use of eyelash serums, that can be found in abundance on homepage.

With eyelash serums, the eyelash of the individual is guaranteed to increase in length, texture and also healthier with consistent application.

According to Nubo Beauty, eyelash serums are made from different extracts combined together to give the user a longer, and a lusher lash and a few are made with nonallergenic chemical substances.

There are several types of these lashes available for sale in stores all over the world, and we have made a comparative list of the top five. Read on to check them out.

We will be comparing the BIOLUMA eyelash growth serum, Babelash, GrandeLash, Idolash and Rapidlash serum.

#1 BIOLUMA Eyelash Growth Serum

There are many reasons why ladies use eyelash serums. Many use them because of aesthetic reasons; others use them because they want to increase the quantity of hairs on their lashes; others use them to make their lashes look healthier and well-nourished.

Most users are looking for eyelash serums that are made from natures finest herbs. These serums are known to be easy to apply, and very effective.

If you are one of the fellows looking for an eyelash serum with these features, then you should grab this iconic piece known as the ‘queen of eyelash serums.’

How does bioluma Eyelash Growth serum work?

For those with a burning question on their lips about what makes up this iconic product, here it is.

This product is often called ‘nature in a bottle,’ because of its natural extract

It is made from a plant extract known as Malus Domestica (this is an apple fruit cell culture extract) this extract, is the vital ingredient found in this serum. It has been clinically tested and dermatologically approved to increase hair growth and strengthen the texture of the lash.

As a very natural product, it also contains bark extracts and a special carbohydrate known as glycerine. These are all combined with Panthenol, which is an essential supplement for soft and moisture-retentive hair. All of these constituents are purely organic, making it a top choice for women.


There are reasons why customers are buying and using bioluma as the top choice of Eyelash serum, and these are the reasons why you should buy it

· It is made from natural ingredients which support moistness of lash and strong and fast healthy-looking hairs.

· The Bioluma eyelash growth serum is affordable and can be purchased online and offline in stores.

· The Bioluma eyelash growth serum is easy to use and has been certified by dermatological and ophthalmological associations.

· The Bioluma eyelash growth serum doesn’t irritate the eyelash, and it is also not linked to allergies

· Results are noticeable within 2 to 3weeks with consistent use.


Every good product has what a few customers don’t like about it. Here is what you probably might not like about this eyelash serum.

· There have been complaints about the unusual hair growths in regions other than the eyes.

· The tube is small-sized; hence, it doesn’t last long enough.

· Bioluma is not compatible with all skin types, as it works better with oily skin. Looking for the right places to get facials near you? This site can guide you.


If you are looking for an alternative eyelash serum to use instead of Bioluma, then you will have to opt for this iconic eyelash serum.

This serum is for the user that loves natural eyelash serums that are rich in vitamins, amino acids, and several other additives.

The beauty and the versatility of this product have been lauded by users and several award committees and just as the manufacturers promised- long, lush lashes will be all yours in the shortest possible time.

How does Grandelash work?

For those with a burning question on their lips about what makes up this iconic product, here it is

This serum is made from a blend of rich vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids which are combined by professionals which are known to make the eyelashes of the users thicker, longer and darker in about one month and two weeks of consistent use. Grandelash is specially crafted for users who have brittle, short, and thin lashes. And if used consistently for three months, there will be outstanding results.

One question most first time users always ask is that, is Grandelash safe for contact lens and lash extension users? Yes, they are safe for individuals with contact brown lenses and can even be used by users with sensitive eyes.


There are reasons why customers are buying and using this serum as the top choice of serum, and these are the reasons why you should buy it

  • Grandelash is specially made to be easily applied with just a single swipe.
  • They contain the all-powerful vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, which are vital for longer, darker, and glossier eyelashes.
  • Safe to use for users with contact lenses, and it is non- reactive for individuals with sensitive eyes.
  • Noticeable results observable after three months


Reports and observations about these eyelash serums from past users

  • It Reacts with the lash of pregnant women
  • Children younger than 18 react to it
  • Incidence of eye pain and dark spots around the eye
  • Tingling and burning sensation experienced by some users


There is a reason why this iconic eyelash serum has sold over five million units worldwide. It is because there are only a few eyelash serums that have the same design and the same quality as it.

Rapid eyelash serum also doubles as an eyebrow enhancing serum which has been ophthalmological tested, clinically approved and is award-winning.

If you are a lover of fragrance-free lashes, you will love using Rapid lash. If you are averse to using Paraben and other toxic chemicals in products, then this is the serum for you.

This water-based product is small-sized, but it can deliver great results if used consistently.

How Rapid lash works

For those with a burning question on their lips about what makes up this iconic product, here it is

Unlike other Eyelash serums, rapid lash is made from a combination of natural and chemical products such as the all-powerful soybean oil, biotin protein, glycerin, water, vitamins and citric acid which are combined with chemicals like Butylene Glycol, Rhizobian gum, alcohol denat and many more. This healthy combination is responsible for making the lashes and the eyebrows of the users, fuller, lusher, darker, and healthier.


These are the reasons why several millions of customers are using this eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum.

  • Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum contains Hexatin 1 complex, which is a blend of amino acids and polypeptides, which makes it an excellent conditioner for the lashes, giving the lash a heathier and softer feel.
  • Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum contains substances like biotin and Panthenol, which are responsible for making the lashes, lustrous, hydrated, and strong.
  • Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum also doubles as an eyebrow enhancer, which makes it a top choice for individuals with thinning eyebrows.
  • Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is ophthalmological and dermatologically tested.
  • They are safe for contact lens wearers and individuals with sensitive eyes,


(Reports and observations about the product)

  • Incidents of rashes and soreness, especially after first use.
  • Results are not immediate, and it may take up to six months for full results

#4 IdolLash

If you are yet to choose the eyelash serum that you will use to enhance your lash and get that beautiful look, then you should look no further and choose IdolLash.

The presence of natural ingredients like kelp, chamomile, and honey in the serum makes it a natural stimulant for the growth of long and healthy lashes.

Users have noticed significant results in less than 40, and these claims are backed by the FDA approval.

How does idolLash Eyelash Growth serum work?

This unique growth serum is made from different types of natural extracts, which are all combined in moderate proportions to give a very effective product.

Some of these extracts include alfalfa, chamomile, and kelp extract, and others include nettle extract, honey extract, and several other nutrients, proteins vitamins, peptides, and minerals. The eyelash also contains, biotin and slight traces of melanin and a healthy dose of water and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, D, and E

The honey extract in the serum is what makes it a top choice for women because the honey in it is a potent emollient, and conditioner for the eyelash, while the kale extract is instrumental in giving the eyelash its thickness and luster.

Pros (why customers love it)

  • IdolLash is made from natures finest herbs like chamomile extracts, kelp honey, alfalfa, and others. This makes the lash tender, firmer and fuller without any side effects
  • IdolLash growth serum is pocket-friendly and lasts longer than other eyelash serum of the same amount.
  • Improvements and noticeable results are observable between two to four weeks after use
  • Idol lashes do not react with contact lenses
  • They are non-toxic and nonallergenic.
  • It is free from chemicals like parabens, which damage the lashes and can cause severe eye damage.


These are a few reasons why past customer’s frown about this product

  • Incidence of irritations in the eye, from first-time users.
  • Chemicals in the serum can cause allergies in some users, especially pregnant women.

#5 Babelash

This eyelash serum is much more than an eyelash serum. It is an FDA approved medication which is used to treat glaucoma and other eye defects.

It doesn’t contain natural ingredients like the other eyelash serums, but it is more effective than most of them.

Unlike the other eyelash serums, Babelash comes in two distinct bottle shapes and sizes, which gives users the luxury to choose what they can afford.

Also, unlike most serums, Babelash comes with a set of sterile applicators which are for single-use application of the serum.

With an 80 percent success rate, Babelash users notice improvements in a matter of weeks.


These are the reasons why you would love this product.

· Babelash is very effective and is known to treat glaucoma.

· Babelash comes in different sizes

· It has several sterile applicators.


· Doesn’t contain natural ingredients

· Causes irritations and itches

· Reacts with lash extensions.


We highly recommend caution when applying any eyelash serum. Especially, because it’s something you apply so close to your eyes.

We recommend trying Bioluma first, before you try any other eyelash enhancer, booster or growth serum on the market.

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